Skin Cuts: How I Help Healing

SKIN !! You gotta have SKIN! So says the song. And it heals itself!
However, our amazing skin heals quicker and better with our help.

This is how I help my skin heal cuts; strictly my experience, not a doctors,
and certainly not a medical recommendation for anyone.

My three step Krugler procedure for healing cuts !!

  1. Allow bleeding to flush out bad stuff ( apply pressure if necessary to induce bleeding )
  2. Clean the skin surface with a wet tissue (and sometimes soap);
  3. Press the sides of the cut together; hold and, apply a 3/4”wide POROUS* tape and salve** full length to hold the sides together.

Done; Ignore it for a week or so; no hurry.

No changing; No concerns, get it wet, wash over it, whatever.
After a week, remove the tape and clean up any dried blood.

(* Note 1; Tape must be porous; adhesive tape does not ‘breath’ and prevents healing.
“First Aid paper tape”, or porous tape from band aids works )
(** Note 2: I apply a narrow thin narrow stripe of triple antibiotic salve along the center of the tape,
on the sticky side, before applying tape over the cut. )

Our body has amazing ability to heal cuts!!

Example #1
A scalp cut about 1.5 inches long at 2:00 AM was a bleeding challenge.
I held the sides together with my fingers for an hour to stop the bleeding,
When I checked for bleeding, after an hour, I found the sides ‘stuck’ together; no bleeding.
A week later, I scrubbed out the dried blood and she went to her hair dresser who noted a pink line.
Two weeks later, the hair dresser could not find even the pink line.
(I was amazed that sides of a cut could bond that quickly, but they did )
No Stitches, No Pain, No Bandages, No infection, No scab, No Scar! Really!

Example #2
A 1 inch long ‘cut to the bone’ on the underside of my forearm.
Used the Krugler method, then after a week, removed the tape and washed off dried blood.
My wife ( RN, Bachelor of Science, emergency room experience ) could not tell which arm had been cut.
No Stitches, No Pain, No Bandages, No infection, No scab, No Scar! Really!

I have had many cuts over the years; those that were stitched, had scabs and scars.
None of the cuts repaired with the Krugler method had scabs or obvious scars.
Zero complications, Zero infections and Zero pain. Compare with the published study, below.

Reference on infections after surgery: Search; “Intra-operative handling and wound healing”
M Bhattacharyya, H Bradley; Intra-operative handling and wound healing of arthroscopic portal wounds.

(Percent of 233 wounds by >> Sutures Band Aids “My experience”
Complications 18% 7% 0%
Superficial Infections 2% 0% 0%
Pain 85% 67% 0%

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