A Better Flosser

This flosser study started with Lu buying me a plastic flosser with a motor and battery that caused vibration.

Vibration was supposed to help remove plaque.  Actually, as soon as the floss touched a tooth, the vibration at the tooth stopped.

Just not enough power.

Note there is a well for a spool of floss yarn.  When it breaks, another two inches is there for use.

The fork was also  plastic and not very rigid,  It broke after a couple of years – I could not find the company on the internet.

So I experimented and finally made my own fork and attached it to the original handle.


Why does this work so that I do not have plaque for a hygienist to clean??

1.  I had trouble getting my fingers into my mouth so did not do a lot of flossing;  a common problem??

2.  It is really hard to get enough tension on the floss using fingers to remove plaque.

3.  It is even harder to get the floss down to the gum line behind the front lower teeth.  They always had lots to clean.

My dentist asked “how do you manage to get the lower front teeth clean??”

The fork can be tilted and held to the side to reach that area easily and floss them by first holding to the right side, then the left.

4.  The plastic flossing forks that can be bought are no where near rigid enough – not possible to put pressure on the tooth.

The fork is too springy.

I find I can floss and brush after breakfast and at night ( twice a day ),  3 minutes to floss and 30 seconds to brush with a battery powered brush.

My dentist says toothpaste is not necessary – no abrasive in toothpaste.   I still squeeze about a 1/4 inch onto the brush.

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